Today, in response to the most modern tile proposals on the market, we are able to create new product types, both in size (33, 45 and 60 cm) and decoration, thanks to a brand new plant, the result of updates to the production line that uses high-definition digital printing technologies.With the SMUSSO line, we have introduced a new and innovative form of skirting board, only 7 cm tall, with a modern 30° cut.


With the SMUSSO line, we have introduced a new and innovative form of skirting board, only 7 cm tall, with a modern 30°…

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Skirting board

Today, we are able to create new product types, both in size (33, 45 and 60 cm) and decoration.

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An innovative ceramic coating based on 9x60 cm modules, naturally mounted with retractable cut.

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